Forest Preserve District Fund Overview

The Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) serves a very diverse membership that reflects the contributions that Forest Preserve District employees have long made to the community. For example, CCPF provides benefits to Forest Preserve personnel who maintain the natural beauty of the area for the shared enjoyment of the entire community. The lifelong service of Forest Preserve District employees are assets that are not easily quantified, but that are greatly appreciated.

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Member Contributions to CCPF

Forest Preserve employees contribute 8.5% of their pensionable salary to CCPF.  Through their years of employment, they build service credit towards a retirement annuity or pension. An employee’s years of service and total contributions are considered in the calculation of the member’s retirement benefit. The contributions are automatically deducted from each salary distribution and are not considered taxable income in the year the deductions are made.

Assets and Income

The Forest Preserve District Fund has assets valued at over $200 million that are invested by the Retirement Board through an Investment Consultant. In addition to the income earned from investment activity, the Forest Preserve District Fund receives employee contributions through payroll deductions and employer contributions derived from an annual tax levy. 

  2021 2020
Employees 516 521
Retirees & Beneficiaries 536 538
Actuarial Value of Assets $218.4 Million $209.7 Million
Employer Contributions $3.9 Million $4.0 Million
Employee Contributions $3.1 Million $3.2 Million
Funded Ratio 59.4% 59.1%
Projected Insolvency Date 2044 2041

Financial Reports 

The financial reports provide additional information about the financial condition of the Forest Preserve District Fund. To view reports from prior years, visit Annual Financial Reports.