Non-Work Related Disability

Ordinary Disability Eligibility

You may be eligible for Ordinary Disability benefits if you are disabled as a result of an injury or illness that occurs outside of the performance of your position. An application must be completed and filed with Cook County Pension Fund while you are disabled. Ordinary Disability is not awarded for the first 30 days and cannot begin if you are still in receipt of salary. If you are disabled 30 days or less, you are not eligible for Ordinary Disability.

Failure to complete your application in a timely fashion will result in a recommendation to the Board for a denial of benefit

Eligibility Exceptions and Timeline

You may not be eligible for Ordinary Disability under any of the following conditions:

  • You do not complete an application within 6 months after your disability ends.
  • You do not submit complete supporting documentation within 120 days after your application is submitted.
  • You are out of service (not in receipt of salary) at the time disability commences.
  • You are employed by another public body supported by taxation.
  • You did not return to service for at least 6 months after separating from employment.
  • A physician is unable to approve disability based on the medical documentation.
  • You are paid full salary for the period of disability.

Benefit Amount

Ordinary Disability provides benefit payments based on 50% of your pensionable salary. You earn credits toward Ordinary Disability for ¼ of your service up to a lifetime maximum of 5 years.

Pension Service Credit

Pension service credit is granted for all periods of approved disability. You must apply for your disability benefit with CCPF in order to receive your pension service credit.

For a comprehensive review of the administrative and eligibility rules associated with this benefit, please refer to the Disability Benefits Handbook.