General Forms

The following forms are applicable to eligible members of the Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF).  If you require a document that is not listed or need further assistance, please contact the Benefits Department.

Beneficiary Designation

If you would like to update your beneficiaries on file with CCPF you must submit a Designation of Beneficiary Form.

PDF of the Designation of Beneficiary Form 

Change of Address

If you are in receipt of benefits with CCPF and need to change your mailing address.  CCPF doesn't maintain a temporary address, you must submit an Address Change Request Form each time your address changes.

Note: If you are currently an active employee on Cook County or Forest Preserve payroll you need to change your address with your payroll department or timekeeper. CCPF receives address information through the payroll system for active employees.

PDF of the Address Change Request Form

Direct Deposit

If you are a retiree receiving an annuity you can change, cancel, or sign up for direct deposit.

PDF of the Direct Deposit Form

Request a Replacement Check

If you did not receive an annuity, disability or refund check you were expecting, you may request a replacement using this form.

PDF of the Lost Check Request Form

Federal Tax Withholding

If you are receiving an annuity or disability and would like to change the federal withholding on your payment you must submit a Federal Income Tax Withholding Change Request Form.

PDF of the Federal Income Tax Withholding Change Request Form

Reprint 1099-R Tax Form & Change Address

If you have a new address and require a reprint of your 1099-R tax form, you must submit a Tax Center Change of Address Form.

PDF of the Tax Center Change of Address Form

Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO)

If you wish to initiate a QILDRO read the instructions and complete and submit the necessary forms.  Attorneys involved in a domestic relations matter requesting information from CCPF should serve a subpoena and remit $25 processing fee payable to Cook County Pension Fund.

PDF of the QILDRO Instructions

PDF of the QILDRO Consent Form

PDF of the QILDRO (Court Order)

PDF of the QILDRO Calculation Order