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UnitedHealthcare Premium Program

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Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) has partnered with UnitedHealthcare to help you achieve the healthy retirement you deserve. As a member of CCPF you have the choice between two healthcare plans administered by UnitedHealthcare, with access to many additional tools and programs offered as part of your plan.

Search for a Doctor

One of the options available to members who opt for our health coverage is access to a search tool to find a premium doctor. We know that choosing a doctor is one of the most important health decisions you will make. You can take an active part in your health by using the UnitedHealthcare Premium Program to help you find the care that is right for you and your family.

The UnitedHealthcare Premium Program evaluates doctors in 27 different medical specialties, using national standards for quality and cost efficiency. The program designates doctors based on these standards and has identified those in the program as a Premium Tier 1 doctor.

When you visit Home ( and select “Find Your Doctor” on the homepage, you can search for doctors and other professionals by specialty. Whenever you see this icon Tier_1 next to a doctor’s name, it means that physician has received the “premium” designation for quality and cost efficiency.

Premium Tier 1 doctors follow evidence-based medicine, which means ordering the appropriate diagnostic tests, procedures, and treatment for their patients. This avoids duplicate testing and adverse drug interactions.

In 2015, members who used Tier 1 doctors saw 5 percent lower costs compared with those who didn’t select Tier 1 doctors. Members who used Tier 1 doctors were also readmitted less frequently to the hospital after surgery or other medical procedures.

To Find a Premium Tier 1 Doctor:

  • Home ( 
  • Download the free smartphone app, UnitedHealthcare Health4Me
  • Call the number on the back of your health plan ID card