Retirement Planning Timeline

Choose where you currently are on the timeline and read the information to help you understand additional considerations that you should keep in mind. Our goal is to help you understand your retirement options as an employee of Cook County and to eliminate any anxiety around the process. If you have questions please contact us.



           Begin preplanning for retirement.  Visit our office to verify your service records and to request an
           estimate for your projected retirement date. You can also use the online Retirement Estimator for
           an unofficial projection of your estimated Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) retirement benefit.

           You should be thinking about...
           "After taxes and insurance, what is my approximate NET check?"  Can you live on this NET amount? 
           The estimate you receive will provide you with your gross annuity.  



1-2 Years Before Retirement

            Retirement may be nearing.  Again, request an updated estimate from CCPF.  Is health 
            insurance needed - for just you, or do you also need coverage for your spouse or children?

            It is important to determine your NET pension check.  Can you afford to live on this "NET" amount?
            What other income will you have: savings, social security, or a second pension from another



4-5 Months Before Retirement

            Verify Your Information           
            At least 4-5 months prior to retiring you should be contacting our office in regards to your
            benefits. This is the time to create your list of questions.

            During this time you may
            (a) request an estimate of your monthly pension amount
            (b) inquire about health benefits and premiums
            (c) verify service records
            (d) gather as much information as you can for this important decision



90 Days Before Retirement

           (a) Download a Retirement Annuity Application Packet or request it by contacting us at (312) 603-1200.

           (b) Enroll in or Postpone Health Benefits
               - If you or your spouse is over age 65, and you plan to enroll in the Fund’s health benefit plan
                 now is the time to go to Social Security and apply for Medicare Part A and Part B.

           (c) Reciprocity – If you are combining your County benefits with that of another Reciprocal Fund,
                 you must also apply with that ‘other’ Fund. Contact them to complete their retirement



2-4 Weeks Before Retirement

           At least 2-4 weeks prior to your retirement date you should be submitting a letter of resignation to
           your HR department and/or your payroll department. Keep in mind, CCPF is not your employer
           therefore it is imperative that you fulfill all requirements of your employing department. Talk to your
           timekeeper and HR department for rules and regulations to officials resign from Cook County.  



2-3 Months After Retirement

           First Pension Check
           Plan on 60-90 days following your resignation to receive your first retroactive pension check.
           When you receive your first check a direct deposit enrollment form will be provided to you.