How service is calculated

Service credit is based upon your work history with Cook County or the Forest Preserve District. Pension contributions must be received in order for service credit to be granted. Service is only granted in whole months with 12 months equaling 1 year of service credit.

Service Credit

Service credit for the Minimum Formula Annuity (see glossary) is earned in each month that you are paid for at least ½ of the month.

  • Currently, you are paid every two weeks (bi-weekly).
  • Since payroll is bi-weekly, to receive service credit you must receive at least ½ a paycheck every pay period (a 40 hour salary must be paid for every 80 hour pay period).

(If you receive a paycheck with less than 40 hours of salary in a pay period, you may not be earning service credit. It is strongly recommended that you contact a CCPF Counselor for a service analysis.)

Basis of Service Credit may Include

  • Actual periods of time that an employee contributes to CCPF for service rendered, provided that the contributions were made to CCPF and those contributions still remain in CCPF (have not been refunded).
  • Leaves of absence from duty or vacation, for which an employee receives salary.
  • Lump-sum vacation payouts.
  • Sick time that is purchased by a retiring employee.
  • Military service where certain criteria is met and required pension contributions have been paid to CCPF.
  • Disability benefits which has been approved by CCPF.  Note:  You must apply for the Disability Benefit with CCPF, receiving payment from Workers’ Compensation alone is not sufficient to receive this credit.
  • Prior unpaid or refunded periods of service that an employee has repaid and re-established service credit.

Certain employment with other State of Illinois and local public agencies within Illinois may be combined with your Cook County service under the IL Reciprocal Act.