About Health Benefits

Whether you are retiring early, or you are already eligible for Medicare, healthcare coverage in your retirement years is an important part of your financial security. The plans available to you through Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) provide comprehensive protection and tools to manage your health throughout your retirement years.

A few Facts About Retiree Medical Coverage:

  • CCPF hired UnitedHealthcare to administer the retiree medical program.
  • The cost of coverage is shared between you and CCPF.
  • On average, you are paying about 50% of the cost.
  • All of our plans have either co-pays or co-insurance, which means you pay a small amount of the cost of each service.
  • Each plan offers prescription drug coverage.
  • When you become eligible for Medicare, your coverage with CCPF becomes a Medicare Supplement plan, which reduces the expense to CCPF and to you, too.

You can learn more about health benefits by reading about Rates and Coverage, How to Enroll, and Open Enrollment period.