Medicare Requirements

If you are retired and over the age of 65 and also qualify for Medicare Parts A and B, the Cook County Pension Fund. (CCPF) provides supplemental medical coverage.

If you or your spouse is eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) you are required to apply for both Parts A and B in order to have supplemental coverage with CCPF.

It is not necessary to apply for Part D drug coverage because your medical plan provides Group Part D coverage plus additional benefits. Supplemental coverage with CCPF is secondary to Medicare coverage, and will pay any benefits after Medicare has paid their share.

If you are eligible for Medicare, we require that you provide us with a copy of your Medicare card certifying your enrollment. If you are not eligible for you are required to purchase Medicare Part A and Part B.  CCPF gives a premium credit to members who purchase Medicare Part A.  To receive the premium credit, you must submit a copy of your Medicare bill along with a copy of your Medicare card showing Part A and Part B effective dates.

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