Getting Divorced

You and your family may experience many changes during your lives that could trigger a change in your benefit. One of those changes may include you getting divorced. It is important to notify Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) if you get divorced.

What You Should Know

When you become divorced your former spouse forfeits any and all rights to the surviving spouse annuity benefits offered by CCPF.  To divide pension benefits, a Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO) is the only set of court orders CCPF accepts. You will need to download the necessary QILDRO forms.

Steps to Take

  • Update your Designation of Beneficiary because a spouse is your Primary Beneficiary. By completing a new Designation of Beneficiary form, it ensures that any future death benefits are paid according to your wishes.
  • You should send CCPF a copy of your Divorce Decree to protect your pension rights.
  • If you are retired and you have CCPF health insurance, when you get divorced your spouse is no longer entitled to that health insurance coverage.  When you contact us, we will stop the coverage and the premium.  Your former spouse may be eligible for COBRA to continue coverage.  Please contact CCPF at (312) 603-1200 for more information.

For more information regarding health benefits and divorce, contact the CCPF Health Benefits Staff at (312) 603-1200.