Disability Benefits Overview

Disability Benefits Available

Disability Benefits are available to you if you have an illness or injury that occurs while you are a County employee. There are two types of disability benefits: Work Related Disability (Duty Disability) and Non-Work Related (Ordinary Disability).

In order to receive disability benefits, you must contact the Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) and request an application, and the application must be completed while you are disabled.

Application Process

You need to contact CCPF to request a Disability Application once you are off work. The steps of the application process are listed below. It is also important to review the Disability Timeline to better understand the order in which documents and information is needed.

Step 1: Complete the application (DIS0001) and Federal Income Tax Form (DIS0006, for Ordinary Disability only).  Return to CCPF with a copy of your State ID or Driver’s License.

Step 2: The Employer Verification Statement (“EVS,” DIS0002) must be completed by your department. The contact for your department appears at the top of the page on the label. Once the EVS is completed, a copy will be sent to you and CCPF.

Step 3: Present the completed EVS to your attending physician, along with the Attending Physician Statement (“APS,” DIS0003) for your attending physician to complete.

Step 4: Make an appointment at the appropriate County physician location and present the County Physician Statement (“CPS,” DIS0004), EVS, and APS to the County physician. The County physician will forward the forms to CCPF with their report. If you are unable to meet with the County Physician, contact CCPF to request a Certificate of Disability (DIS0005). 

Failure to complete the application in this order may delay processing and payment.

Note: The Board has the right to request any additional documentation that may be required in order to process your request for disability benefits. The Disability Benefits Team will communicate when applicable regarding any additional documentation needed.

County Physician Appointments

CCPF does not coordinate appointments with the County physicians. Appointments are required at both locations for your evaluation. Below are the facility locations and phone numbers.

       John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital                                  Oak Forest Hospital
       Employee Health Services                                     Employee Health Services

       1900 W Polk, Suite 300                                           15900 S Cicero Ave, Building E
       Chicago, IL 60612                                                    Oak Forest, IL 60452
       (312) 864-1970                                                        (708) 633-4190