1099-R Forms Mailed

1099-R tax forms for 2017 were mailed on January 24, 2018. If you have not received your 1099-R by February 14, 2018, please contact us at 312.603.1200.

Understanding Your 1099-R Tax Forms

Box 1: Reports your gross annuity paid

Box 2a: Reports your taxable amount paid

Box 4: Reports your federal tax withheld

Box 5: Reports your non-taxable amount paid during 2017

Your non-taxable amount paid during that period is determined by any post-tax contributions you made to CCPF prior to your retirement. Box 1 – Box 2a = Box 5

Please note: If you have moved, please complete and send us a Tax Center Change of Address form as soon as possible to have your 1099-R form reissued.

Update: If you requested or are expecting a reprint of your 1099-R and do not receive it by February 27, please contact us.

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