Important Benefit Certification Form Mailed to Out-of-State Annuitants

Did you know that every month, the Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) mails out or electronically deposits more than $69 million in benefit payments to annuitants?

This is a significant responsibility, one that the Fund does not take lightly.

To ensure that these payments reach the intended recipients and are used exclusively for their benefit, CCPF put in place a number of safeguards including the Annual Out-Of-State Annuitant Certification Form (formerly known as the Out-of-State Benefit Eligibility form).

The Annual Out-Of-State Annuitant Certification form:

  1. Helps prevent theft and fraud;
  2. Verifies the address of the out-of-state annuitant;
  3. Verifies the signature of the annuitant (as adults age, their signatures age too!);
  4. Provides notice of whether the annuitant has a legal guardian or an agent under a Power of Attorney who has authority to act for the member; and
  5. Informs CCPF of whether an annuitant resides at a care facility.

CCPF began mailing the certification form to all retiree members living outside of Illinois on June 14, 2019. If you have received this form, please have it completed, signed, notarized and returned to CCPF by July 31, 2019.

UPDATE (7/23/19): The deadline for Out-of-State annuitants to submit their completed Annual Out-of-State Annuitant Certification Form has been extended through September 15, 2019.  Annuity payments scheduled for August 1, 2019, and September 1, 2019 , will be sent to annuitants during this extended period.

Failure to return a completed form may result in a suspension of benefits until CCPF receives the completed form.

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