The Cook County Pension Fund Has Moved

The Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) is now serving members at 70 W. Madison St, Suite 1925 Chicago, Illinois 60602.

Located less than a block away from our current address, our new office offers members greater privacy, security, and more access to counselors for their retirement, disability, and health benefit needs. 

Visiting the new CCPF office

To meet with a benefits counselor, call 312.603.1200 in advance to schedule an appointment.

Make sure to have a photo I.D. on hand to check in with the building's security and obtain a building pass. Everyone needs a building pass to visit the CCPF office.

Here are further details for getting to our office: 

  1. From the ground floor lobby, take the escalator to the second floor.
  • If you are unable or don’t want to take the escalator, ask the security guard on duty in the ground floor lobby to take you to the elevator for the second floor.
  1. When you get off the escalator, turn right and go to the security desk to pick up a building pass:
  • Security will have your pass pre-approved if you made an appointment..
  • If you don’t have an appointment, the guard at the security desk will call our office and ask for your pass to be approved. 
  1. When you have your building pass, stay on the second floor and go to the security gates located to the west of the escalator.
  2. A guard at the security gate will help you pass through. 
  3. Look for the 11-23 elevators.  It’s the first bank of elevators on your right past the security gate.
  4. Press 19 on the lighted display panel to select the 19th floor.  The number of the next elevator going to the 19th floor will immediately show on the display panel (for example, 2B).  When you get on the elevator, there are no buttons to press because you’ve already ordered it to go to the 19th floor.
  5. When you get off at the 19th floor, look for the CCPF office next to the elevators.

If special mobility assistance is needed upon your arrival, please call ahead (312.603.1200). We would be happy to make accommodations.

Dropping off documents?

To avoid delays, please mail your application to us or consider visiting our office during off-peak hours, typically after lunchtime, for faster service.

Feel free to call us at 312.603.1200 if you need additional assistance. 

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