The Fundamentals of Service Credit

Service credit is based on your work history with Cook County or the Forest Preserve District and can only be granted to you if you’ve made pension contributions to CCPF.

Here are 4 more things to know about service credit:

1. Your service credit includes actual periods of time you contribute to CCPF for service rendered, provided those contributions have not been refunded.

2. Your service credit accrues on a monthly basis.

3. If you are paid less than half-time during a month, you will not receive service credit for that month.

4. Your service credit may include your lump-sum vacation payouts, sick time that you may purchase upon retiring, disability – if you’ve applied for the benefit with CCPF and been approved, and prior paid or refunded periods of service that you’ve repaid if you left Cook County or Forest Preserve District employment but have returned.

Have you worked for a reciprocal agency and have questions about your service credit? Call us at 312.603.1200. Learn more about service credit here.

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