The Impact of Furlough Days on Your Retirement Benefits

Retirement benefits and eligibility are determined by the combination of three factors: age, service, and salary. Furlough days have the effect of reducing the salary you’re paid, which reduces the retirement contributions you make to the Cook County Pension Fund toward your benefits.

How It Works

Generally, retirement benefits for employees who work for Cook County for at least 4 years after their furlough days will not be impacted.

Taking 10 or fewer furlough days will have no impact on the service for full-time (100%) employees. 

To calculate retirement benefits for employees, an average salary is used from the highest 4 consecutive years of salary in the employee’s last 10 years of service.

What It Means for Your Retirement Benefits

  • …If you’re retiring in 4 years or more: There is no impact.
  • …If you’re retiring in 4 years or fewer: There will be minimal impact on your Final Average Salary.
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